Seed Mixes


Vermont Wetland Plant Supply provides a variety of seed mixes for stormwater management and ecological restoration projects.  A limited quantity (less than 50 lbs) of seeds are hand collected from habitats in the Champlain Valley and the Green Mountains.  Additional seeds are purchased from commercial sources who harvest seeds grown in the northeastern and upper midwest areas of the United States.  All seeds species, regardless of their provenance, are native to Vermont and throughout New England.

Seed mixes are available with a minimum order quantity of 1 pound.  While many species will germinate readily following sowing, a good number of species require a period of cold and moist conditions that allow the hard outer coat of the seed to degrade.  This process is referred to as stratification.  Germination will commence the following spring once stratification has been completed.  Understanding this process will help alleviate concerns that germination rates are below expectations following sowing.

Wet Meadow & Detention Basin Mix

This seed mix is appropriate for wet meadows and storm management systems with dry detention basins.  It is well-suited for the Zone 3 area above normal water level in natural and stormwater ponds.

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Vermont Native Wildflower & Grass

This mix is appropriate for sites with normal moisture conditions where the color and texture of wildflowers and grasses are desired from an aesthetic perspective.  The native plants make this an excellent mix for pollinator species.
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Vermont Conservation & Wildlife

This mix is appropriate for moist to dry sites where grasses provide rapid coverage for erosion prevention.  The grasses provide forage for herbivores, while the herbaceous plants are used by native pollinators.
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Vermont Wetland Shrub

The Vermont Wetland Shrub mix is best-suited for moist soils where the water is at or near the surface and where shrub cover is desired for wildlife habitat.  In particular, this mix, when fully grown, provides habitat for deer and birds such as cardinals, warblers, and sparrows.
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Vermont Marsh, Swamp, & Bog

The Marsh, Swamp, & Bog mix is intended for wetlands with soils that are saturated or inundated to a maximum depth of two feet.  It is also well suited for Zone 2 in ponds and stormwater wetlands with permanent pools.  The species within the seed mix provide habitat for fishes, amphibians, and birds.
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Vermont Wetland Hummock

The Vermont Wetland Hummock mix is suited for saturated to shallowly indundated soils with uneven “hummocky” topography.  While generally used for wetland restoration sites, the mix can be used for stormwater wetland systems where long retention and treatment of water is anticipated.
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