Vermont Wetland Plant Supply, LLC is a wholesale nursery located in Orwell, Vermont and provides native Vermont-sourced wetland and upland plants to the stormwater and ecological restoration industries in Vermont and elsewhere throughout the northeastern United States.

We propagate our native plants from seed and cuttings collected in habitats throughout Vermont.  In the rare event that accessible seed sources in Vermont have not been located and secured, seeds from habitats in New York and Pennsylvania are used to propagate plants.  Plants propagated from out-of-state sources will have their state source identified in parenthesis following the common name.

We sell seed (individual species) and seed mixes for wet meadows, stormwater basins, swales, and wetlands such as bogs, swamps, and marshes.  We also provide bioengineering materials for riverbank and shoreline stabilization projects.

VWPS provides consulting services related to stream and wetland restoration, pond design, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, stormwater modeling, water quality assessment, and regulatory permits.


Mailing address: P.O. Box 153, Orwell, VT 05760
Physical address: 29 Old Foundry Rd, Orwell, VT 05760
Telephone: 802-948-2553
Fax: 802-948-2522
Owner: Daniel Redondo, Senior Aquatic Ecologist
email: dredondo@vermontwetlandplants.com